New App: Kid Van Gogh

My latest project just hit the App Store: Kid Van Gogh!

Kids can doodle within the app, and then turn those images into their own games that become apps right in the iPhone (or iPad/iPod)! Being a father myself I’ve tried to keep kids as the primary audience. There is minimal text, audio guidance, and no ads (I know it bugs me every time one of them comes to me for help having gotten into some ad). The games they create can even be played offline (like in the car or airplane) They can also take photos and draw on top of them, my son is a fan of adding glasses, a beard, and a crown to his photo subjects.

For the coders among you, this is a great combination of the various things I’ve been working on recently. The drawing is done on an HTML5 canvas using touch events, and the games created are web apps, including icons, splash screens, and media queries.

I appreciate any feedback you have on the app, bugs you’ve found, or really anything at all! What kind of improvements would you like to see?

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